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Amidst exams

10.26.09 | 2 Comments

I thought I would post a little something to say I am alive and well. Today we took the gross anatomy written and practical exams. Not bad, not bad. The keys aren’t up yet, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Dr. Cleary alluded to some “character builders” among the questions, but I think it was fair. Anatomy is a high maintenance relationship, but I kind of love it. At least compared to the others, I think it’s the most applicable, and the anatomy department is by far the most organized and efficiently-run.

During the practical we have rest stops, one or two between each question, so there’s a lot of time to stand there and look around, but not look around like at other people’s answer sheets, or the questions in front of or behind you, or even at your classmates too much, because you’re bound to make a super dorky face that could potentially look suspicious and earn yourself a janky eye from a proctor.

The point is that I let my mind wander during those rest stops, since in the past I’ve used that time to second-guess myself and change right answers to wrong ones. A few things struck me as amusing during the practical, which itself is pretty odd: 50 questions, about 40 of which are “wet specimens,” human remains with engaged young people getting up close and personal from every angle to identify some tiny feature on a bisected head. So there’s that.

Then at a couple of the rest stops are buckets with mini candy bars. And naturally we have become accustomed enough to the fixative smell to consume said candy while, say, carefully considering a brain and which artery that might be with the pin in it. Chocolate and gray matter… mmmm.

I also had to chuckle at one of the tanks… The body had crossed ankles, like she was just lying back, chill.

Tomorrow is developmental anatomy, aka devo. I managed to neglect that class pretty well this block, so I have some work to do tonight and tomorrow morning. My only break tonight will be SYTYCD, because a brain needs rest sometimes. Wednesday is solely a study day, Thursday is biochem (which I’m enjoying a lot more this block), and Friday is histo (still by far and away my least favorite).

And then Halloween. We haven’t decided what our plans are yet, but I’m sure Zoe will look cute, and I may dress up as something. The little munchkin and her Dad are getting some Garland love right now, which is really working out for everyone involved. I am grateful. And I just ache for her when she’s away. They plan to return tomorrow evening, and I will be happy.

A word on the social front: I was probably a little less than kind in my last post concerning my new classmates. I will say that just this week a few individuals have improved my opinion of our class quite a bit. 🙂

To the study cave once more! Also, if you haven’t already, check out last.fm. It’s keeping me sane.

Update: This just in! Keys up. PASSED!


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