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Three year stats

03.11.10 | 4 Comments

Zoe and I went to her three-year-old check-up on Tuesday, and everything went swimmingly. She ushered us out the door so we could “get to our appointment on time,” and when we got there, despite some concern that shots may be on the menu, cooperated with the doctor much better than usual. She was a little quiet but did tell the doctor, “I write Zs very well.” All our practice exams must have made a difference, because she didn’t even pretend to squirm when it was time to look in her ears.

When I was practicing for my comprehensive physical exam for class, she was my willing patient many, many times, so she picked up a few things. (I’m fairly confident she could do the full exam, and she clearly has down the blood pressure, deep tendon reflexes, heart, lung and belly sounds, eyes and ears, and Babinski testing.) Here’s how it goes when we pretend for a focused exam and she’s the doctor:

Z: [knock, knock, knock]
B: Come in!
Z: Hellooooo! How are you today? What’s going on?
B: (I explain an injury or complaint.)
Z: Oh! Okay. Let me wash my hands right away and take a look. [She washes her hands thoroughly and reaches out to shake my hand.] I’m Doctor Zoe. Okay. Now. Okay. Let me see. Mmmhmm. Okay. You’ll need a shot. And a sticker. And here’s your lollipop.

So for posterity, her stats are as follows:

Height: 35 7/8 inches (25th percentile); “The doctor says I’m growing very well and very tall.”
Weight: 32 pounds (50th percentile); (How long until I can’t post her weight?)
And according to her school report, she’s excelling by standards for someone almost a year older than she is. Not to brag or anything. Maybe a little bit.

The sweet little bug thanked me several times over the next two days for going to the doctor with her. No shots were sustained, only because I didn’t have a copy of her shot record with me (still need to go get that… Mama oops, but it just has to be done sometime in the next year), much to her relief, though that appears to be her panacea, especially when coupled with a sticker.


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