Sammich review

06.03.10 | 3 Comments

Let me start by saying I have no affiliation with nor am I receiving compensation from Chick-fil-A.

Last night we went to the Galleria to retrieve our reserved — for free — new spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A. This was post-Zumba (my second killer sweaty powerhouse workout of the day), and I had been looking forward to this sandwich for a solid two weeks.

Excitedly I presented our printed reservation coupon things to the young man behind the counter. I asked that Joel‘s not have pickles. I ordered a four-pack of nuggets for the munchkin, in case the spiciness was too much to handle (it totally was). And a medium fry to share. And a cherry Coke. And a water.

“You only want the one drink? And one fry?” I was confused. Was he calling me cheap for getting three sandwiches on the house and only ordering three additional items?

“Well, I…”
“Because each sandwich comes with a drink.”
“OH!!! Great!!!” I ordered our drinks. “Two cherry cokes. And a pink lemonade for the girl. No! Wait! One cherry coke, one Barq’s, and the pink one.” I had decided to splurge and drink my soda. The freedom and choices overwhelmed me. The cashier — Calvin, my receipt tells me — seemed amused that this pleased me so.

“And so one fry?”
“I, well, we’ll share…” Calvin smiled again, about to deliver some additional wonderful news.
“Because each sandwich also comes with a medium fry.”

WHAT?! I’m certain my face revealed all of my true frugality and love of food at once.

Gleefully giggling as I handed over $1.57 in cash for the nuggets, my eyes widened at Joel, who, surprisingly, also looked excited.

The sandwiches were tasty. Spicy. Very, very spicy. Midway through my sammich, Joel asked the question to which I’m sure everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear the answer: Would I order this over anything else on the menu and pay for it?

Not if I were sharing it with either Joel or Zoe. It’s too spicy for that. But on my own, in the mood for something spicy, yes. Yes, I would. Now, I do have a suggestion, Chick-fil-A: make some extra dough and offer not cheese, but heart-healthy and cooling avocado (or guacamole) as an extra. I think you’ll find people thrilled with this option.

All told, our discount was $18.87. Spectacular.

Do you want my happiness? Go reserve yours now – offer ends June 5.


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