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Sweat, I guess.

07.12.10 | 4 Comments

Whew! I have been a neglectful blog mama, and for those of you who missed me enough to ask if I’ll ever write again (Amanda), thank you, and I apologize. It has been a painful and sanity-sapping absence, and I can feel myself relaxing already.

This is my last week of my family medicine preceptorship (reflections to come), after which time I will be focusing on vacation preparation!!! We are all very excited.

Part of this preparation began with the end of spring semester. I believe I mentioned that my friend-study-workout-partner, Krystal, and I ferociously began Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred. It is not a joke. With vacations and a few missed days in between, we decided to go some extra time and thus we technically are well past 30 days.

So despite a few misgivings, I took some “before” pictures. It was humbling. At the end of level 1, I took some progress pictures. I had made progress. Things were tighter, smaller, more proportional. I felt good. I felt strong. (Zoe was getting easier to carry longer distances – turns out, after her recent week-long stomach virus, she has lost 4 pounds…) I was on track to have wowza results in ample time to be fit as ever for our upcoming cruise and the big 3-0.

I honestly can say that I do not know what happened after that. When I really think about it, the only reasonable answer is lack of quality sleep to help my body recover. Whatever it is – I am more giant than when I began. Muscle weighs more than fat, retains water as it’s breaking and building, yadayadayada… This is little consolation to the girl in the mirror. Brain knows if I get the fat off, I have a good base of muscle, so that’s what I have to do, but damn if it isn’t super disappointing to work so hard and weigh more and not fit into clothes. I am stronger, so I can focus on that.

What’s funny to me is that – it turns out – this fat ass gets more attention. Today on my walks to and from the bus stops, I got 50% more honks than the thinner me used to. It’s such a shame to me that I’m on foot and they’re in fast vehicles – if only I could run fast enough to catch one of those superfly winners who can both honk AND whistle. I’ve put a lot of thought into scenarios in which I’m able to reach them, and for which one I would leave my husband and beautiful child. In the end, it doesn’t matter: either way, I’ll get a creative guy who is so overcome by attraction to the blur of girl-shaped mass sweating her way down the street that he must make this grand romantic gesture befitting a true lady. And that’s exactly what I want. Exactly.

Come a little closer. I’ve just disembarked the luxurious Metro bus, where I acquired a wide array of water-borne microbes due to my and every other passenger’s swack*. In fact, I’ve spent the past 60+ days sweating constantly – indoors, outdoors, no place is cool enough. Hot, right? Do you still want to honk? By all means.

I’ll tell anyone how much I love Houston. I really do. And it would be a great place to stay for residency in terms of the medicine I could see. But they say to pick a place based on location first – do you want to live there? I’m strongly considering limiting my search to more temperate, or even cooler, climates. That’s probably the summer sweats talking. On that note, I think I’ll go grab Zoe for our daily swim now.

*sweaty back. Thank you, Rachel Brady, for the rights to use this concept; its flexibility ensures a whole vocabulary worth of combinations, using any noun for which “sweaty” could be an adjective. Try it – you’ll see.


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