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She’s four!

02.15.11 | 1 Comment

Our little Zoe is four years old!

Stats from her four-year-old checkup today:

42 inches (106.68 cm) tall!!! (90th%)
34.8 pounds (17.42 kg) in weight! (75th%)
great blood pressure, great teeth, perfect hearing, perfect vision

We are so lucky.

She told the doctor that when she grows up, she would like to be a princess. She got a nasal flu vaccine and three shots, completing all the major childhood immunizations she’ll need until she’s 12 (!!!). Little brave soul that she is said only a simple, “Ow.” during the shots. I really like that office, too – they’re pros. For her troubles, she picked out Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty stickers.

She is truly amazing. Singing, dancing, spelling, writing, counting, imagining, joking, loving her way through the days – way too quickly. Joel and I agree that in the past year she has developed even more of her personality. Four just seems so… grown up. Close to going to school. And she really is this little mini agent with thoughts and hopes and dreams ALL her own.

This weekend we started celebrating by going to the local Y for a swim on a gorgeous day. Then she helped me make her birthday cake. For the past couple of months, we have been formulating the cake plan. “Hello Kitty Princess” was her request. I envisioned a Hello Kitty playing the part of a princess and had a strategy. We made fondant. We made a Hello Kitty Princess. I presented it to Zoe after the finishing touches.

“Where’s Aurora?”
A sinking feeling came over me. How could I not have seen this coming? I had budgeted time only for the HK. Now I might have to make a Sleeping Beauty out of fondant. Please, God, no – this would take forever and more patience than I have. I cheerfully explained that Hello Kitty IS a princess.
“Yes, but we also need Aurora. The pink princess. Hello Kitty, and a princess.”

And so we made an Aurora of fondant. And a classic white cake turned pink, with pink mousse, pink white chocolate buttercream and pink swirly marshmallow fondant. It was a glorious celebration of all of her pinkness. In the end I’m really glad she challenged me. I think she liked it.

Monday she attended a Valentine’s Day party at her school AND was the recipient of Happy Birthday singing, cards, and gifts from many admirers. She gracefully accepted most of it. We picked her up early from school and went shopping for helium balloons and pink roses from her Dad. She had requested that we fill the whole house with balloons – we got about half of the living room, which we all enjoyed. The family from down the hall came over for cake. Soon it was time for singing in the bathtub and getting cozy with her princess game before bed. She opened most of her gifts today since we ran out of steam last night! So far she reports liking age four.

Pictures on Flickr soonish… I’m a little behind on that. She’s so cute that it’s hard to keep up with all the pictures we can’t resist snapping!

I’m so proud of her and love her more every.single.day.

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