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05.08.11 | 4 Comments

First, Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome Mamas everywhere! Mine is the bomb dizzle, of course. 🙂 Raising the munchkins is quite a job, and I’m grateful to the Moms in my life for who they are and what they mean to me, and I’m so glad to be Zoe’s Mom. Full disclosure: she’s been a bit of a punk on this actual day, but 99% of the time she is the sweetest, most wonderful child and always (100% of the time) way more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

So. Wow. What a month! April 15 began a marathon stretch of block 4 exams and finals. We had one every other day until this last Friday. It has been thrilling to be a human for the past 36 hours. Even better than being done with exams is that I PASSED. Comfortably. There are two grades left to be revealed, but I have no concerns – I am proceeding into the clinical years of medical school. I’m so excited. For me, this has been a long time coming, fraught with obstacles, most of them of my own making, which has been well-documented here and on twitter. I’m SO my own worst enemy it’s ridiculous. I’ve learned a lot (science, clinical skills) that will carry me into this next chapter of my education, but perhaps the most important long term is to quit giving myself such a hard time and focus on what’s important. I’ve heard that from my loved ones my whole life. I’ll probably have to relearn it about a hundred more times. But any energy I spend not encouraging myself is wasteful. And I’m forever grateful to the people who manage to cheer loudly enough to drown out all the deconstructive l noise. What else helped: taking care of myself, getting as much sleep as reasonably possible, and not to sound like a kook, but vitamins. Brain vitamins.

And so we continue. As mentioned previously, I’ll be studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam from today until June 9. Related: my school is awesome. Many of our finals were national board exams, and for the most part I feel like our classes were good preparation for them. I have a ton of work to do before the step exam, but the basic sciences curriculum has given us all a good foundation going into it. And schedule-wise, the second year was WORLDS better than first year.

Zoe really maintained patience with me during the repeated Mommy-has-to-study-nows and the just-a-little-bit-longers. Only one more month now. June 10 will be a glorious, glorious day. Zoe and I are heading to New York to visit Aunt Ft, who will be fresh off a giant exam as well.

Rotations start at the end of June, and I got one of my top choices of schedules. I probably don’t even know what I’m getting into, kind of like before I started first year, but I can hardly wait.


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