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06.27.11 | 1 Comment

Here’s what just happened:

A curly-headed blur zoomed past me as I carried the dog’s full bowl of water to his tray. Zoe, don’t run with a pen, please. It’s dangerous.

“It’s not a pen, and anyway I was skipping with it. It’s my pencils.”


Yeah I said that.

This comes on the heels of her very first stitches Saturday night. She was refusing to eat dinner with us during a half hour of being an utter pill for an unknown reason, most likely that she was tired after a long day of doing

Hold on. I just had to save this draft and return to it because there was a crash in the kitchen. It seems someone had climbed up and gotten plates to set the table for tomorrow morning’s breakfast (SUPER SWEET right?) and long story short we have one fewer plates.

Where was I? Oh yes, the stitches. So in a fit she shoved off our lofted dining table in her lofted pink chair, which fell back in slow motion. I said, “Awesome,” as she fell, because I was thinking that surely THIS would teach her, not injure her, but scare her into thinking at least twice before her next display of stubborn hostility, when she landed, quite gracefully, upright and without any limbs under any part of the chair. Whew, I thought, but in just as slow a motion, unfortunately as an aftershock of the landing she bumped her chin on the padded part of the chair and began crying in pain. Joel picked her up and brought her to me, in his infinite wisdom warning me to hold back the I TOLD YOU SOs until we determined she was okay, when I saw blood gushing from her chin. After we stopped the bleeding I got a better look and could see muscle fibers and adipose tissue coming through, so off to get stitches we went. To me, lacerations are the worst – I mean, to look at or even feel the chair, you’d never think it would break skin.

The urgent care place was awesome. We were in and out, they numbed her well, the treatment team was really nice, and although a white sheet papoose/taco was necessary,

Wait so I’m not making this up. She just came in, wide-eyed, and said, “Mom, you better not step on all the towels because I spilled a WHOLE BUNCH of water.”

Right now you might be thinking many things, such as why isn’t your four-year-old in bed? And why are you continuing effectively to ignore her, and where is your husband? Exactly. Now they are playing something called fishkitball and I’m going to wrap this up.

So the three stitches come out in a week. A week during which she can’t be in the pool. During the last week of her swimming lessons. But we’re so fortunate that these are the worst of our concerns regarding her health.

In other news, third year has begun, and I’m really excited. More on that later, surely. Today during orientation attention was paid to our responsibilities and cautions regarding any online presence we may have. I like to think I’m aware of these issues and walk a fine line both personally and professionally, trying to balance privacy with creativity and honesty. It was a good reminder never to betray the trust of the people for whom I’ll be caring medically and with whom I work, and I also thought about Zoe. I hope she doesn’t mind and maybe even will think it’s cool to have grown up online. I know we’re taking some risks and that not everyone would do it this way. She knows I write about her and post pictures of her; if anything I just want to share the joy she brings to our world, even when she’s breaking skin and plates.

1 Comment

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