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07.28.11 | 2 Comments

Zoe had a diversity/international celebration at school today. The request was that each child dress in a representative ethnic costume for a parade and bring a dish for everyone to sample. It’s a great idea. Until we remembered that we’re white. We (w)racked our brains for the better part of a week to come up with something interesting. We considered we could include my Choctaw heritage or both of our European ancestry, adopt someone else’s culture based on what food we wanted to bring, perhaps a more creative princess theme, or the easier route: traditional “American” or Texan. In the end, we have pink boots and a hat for her, and we figured the menu would otherwise be lacking in chocolate, so as soon as I got home this morning, Zoe and I made a Texas sheet cake. Ours was the only one, though others had thought the same way we had – there were a couple of token, store-bought apple pies and cookies. We might have reflected a bit more on what it means to be American, or delved into our heritage, but life is busy and we ran out of time.

Today I’m post-call, meaning that I started working yesterday at 0630 and got home (early) today at 0830. So I was kinda tired. Then Zoe had that thing at school yadda yadda yadda we’re just now eating dinner at 2200. Despite our intermittent efforts to plan meals, it came as a bit of a surprise to us after the evening swim that Zoe was hungry. We fed her, finally finished cleaning up the three-days-worth of mess in the kitchen, and looked at each other with the more and more familiar, bedraggled gaze that says, “Does sleep/apathy trump food again? I mean I’m kinda hungry but it’s late and who knows what we’d eat.” I suggested tuna patties, which was met with a grimace.

We surveyed the fridge, finding:
– leftover rice that Joel made in my absence, described with frustration as “not good at all”
– leftover tikka masala – but oh, nope, that’s just the sauce
– leftover salmon – when did we make that? I don’t know. Zoe ate some the other day and she’s been fine, so it’s probably okay.
– leftover turkey burgers – those were great the first time around

As I assembled two small dishes of this abomination, I felt like saying, “This is pathetic.” But I stopped myself. We’re busy and doing the best we can. So I said, “This is resourceful.”

Joel, who provides much comic relief in my life, responded with, “It’s just like your People. We eat all parts of the fridge.”


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