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Bedtime routine

02.23.12 | Comment?

Don’t get too excited – we haven’t established a bedtime for Zoe or anything. No, it’s 0100 and she’s awake. I’m here to write about my bedtime routine, mostly because I think it might be crazy and I’m interested in what other people do. I take comfort in what has become my morning and evening routine, despite (or because of?) the many steps and apparent high maintenance of it all.

At some point we have eaten dinner and hosed off the girl. After some playtime or milling around unproductively, I realize it’s much, much too late for any of us to be awake, and I’m exhausted. So I frantically finish up whatever it is we’ve been doing, make sure lunch is packed, shut down the apartment, and herd the mammals into the bedroom. There Zoe usually requests a show and/or a snack, which gives me a chance to get myself ready for bed.

I remove my jewelry and start to floss, then remember that I’ve forgotten something; we take our vitamins. I take my zyrtec. I floss, use the little brush where it’s made necessary by my permanent retainers, brush my teeth, brush my overnight retainers, and put in my retainers. I brush Zoe’s teeth, wipe her face, and get her a drink. At this point, depending on how much “free” time I have, there may be several minutes of preening. Eyebrows don’t tweeze themselves, mkay, and I have a magnifying mirror that undoubtedly contributes to a pathological awareness of each pore on my face. I wash my face, either in a full shower or at the sink, and get dry. If I haven’t already been in my pajamas since after work, that happens now. I refill the humidifier and plug it in.

The following is unpaid product placement.

Next on the list is more allergy control: the Sinus Rinse. My ENT recommended it years ago, and, coupled with flonase, it has allowed me to breathe. (The rinse helps to expose the actual nasal epithelium so the flonase can work better.) I have a deviated septum and completely destroyed sinuses, so 50% air movement is the best I can hope for; without these things I’m working at 25%. So this provides sweet, sweet relief. Plus, Zoe was under two when I started using it, and nightly she would remind me to “do nose” – which is obviously quite cute. 🙂

Then comes the acne treatment/preventive gel and moisturizer. This is a post in itself. Suffice it to say that I love Dan Kern’s acne.org products. They have changed my skin and my life.

Now back to the show.

Finally I brush out my hair, refill my water, and snuggle into bed with a device and a cute little girl.

That’s actually not so bad, really. All that takes about 30 minutes with a few interruptions.

The trick now is getting this insomniac monkey to sleep so I can play words with friends and pass out.

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