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Zoe’s five year stats

02.27.12 | 3 Comments

I’ve enjoyed being able to search my site for the details, since unlike many of the children I saw in the county pediatric clinic, Zoe isn’t locked into a system with what you would call continuity of care. I’m keeping track, though, and I guess she has been to the same pediatrician since she was three. And does it make me a worse Mom or med student (or equally poor at both) that I have to look up what she needs in terms of immunizations so I can schedule her appointments? Sigh. Actually, she’s all done with immunizations till she’s twelve (except annual influenza), and our insurance does not cover a routine physical, which I think might be bogus – I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about the philosophy of health care. The point is that I haven’t made her an appointment, and I might not. I trust that I have a high enough index of suspicion with regard to any health problems, and that her teachers and grandparents would identify any learning/social development problems, and this village is going to raise her. (Her teacher conference last week went really well, despite the words “untapped potential” echoing in my head daily.) Still, I know I want to see my patients at least yearly, so why wouldn’t we practice what we hope to preach? On good days, I have fantastic ideals. I probably want to be a family doctor as part of a medical home for patients, yet I have no such thing for myself. Multiple journal entries have been written about this hypocrisy of medical people; perhaps I will share these and other thoughts when they’re more organized.

Anyway. Zoe is growing. She seems taller and only slightly heavier. (Shockingly, I saw a 5 year old today who weighs 95 pounds.) Fortunately, we have objective measurements! Ah, science.

Height: 43.5 inches (110.49 cm), 70th percentile
Weight: 40 pounds (18.14 kg), 52nd percentile

(One year ago, she was 42 inches and 34.8 pounds.)

Here are some data collected in a brief interview.

Favorite colors: pink, purple, and silver
Favorite number: 4
Favorite food: chicken strip and salmon (carnivore)
Favorite show: Wow, Wow, Wubbzy!
Favorite activity: watch TV (um… yikes.)
Favorite thing to do outside: camping!
Favorite wheeled activity: rollerskating
Favorite place she’s ever been: the playground
Favorite thing to do at school: do art, make hearts
Favorite animal: zebra and cat
Favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day AND Christmas
Favorite sport: ice skating
Favorite baseball player: Daddy!!!
What she wants to be when she grows up: a ballerina
What she wants people to know about her at five years old: that she loves to put clothes on the funny way, with underwear on her head.


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