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After a long absence

05.17.12 | 1 Comment

Family medicine, dermatology, spring break, ob/gyn, and now psych. That’s what I’ve been doing. A brief report: great, great, great, great, MIIIIIPPP (so far). Don’t worry – I journaled along the way for humanities, and wrote down about a hundred other things I’d like to write, if ever I have the time, which I won’t, until I’m senile, at which time I’ll have forgotten it. So I try to be present and dance along the air like confetti. Tonight I have things to do, so of course, I’m avoiding it by posting a totally unimportant assortment of thoughts, some of which are new to me, and some of which are confirmatory:

  • Fresh babies are slippery, and birth is amazing. I was present at over a dozen, delivered about 10 placentas, had my hands on 8 babies, delivering 3 my very own self. And scrubbed on a few C-sections. Loved it. 🙂
  • When you have to cancel a dental appointment that you made 6 months ago not knowing what your schedule would be even one week from that time, inevitably you will have tooth pain within 48 hours.
  • Medical school rotations are not created equal.
  • Death is absolutely not the worst outcome.
  • I like to be DOING things instead of THINKING about things. If I have to stand in a circle discussing a single lab value for more than 30 seconds, I will require haldol. (A little psych humor there.) Oh and this is made worse if you discuss said lab value for >10 minutes and walk away having come to no conclusions or DONE NOTHING to fix it. You know what’s helpful? “This is out of whack, by this much, I’mma do this for it, and then we’ll discuss the mechanism while we watch things change. Mkay?” RIGHT?
  • We are all addicted to our Apple devices, and the very next chance I get I’m whisking us away to a secluded cabin so we are forced to interact. I’m concerned about the neural pathways that Zoe and her generation are making as they grow up as cyborgs. At least we became cyborgs after our neurons were myelinated.

That’s all for now, as I have to research and write up something totally uninteresting.

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