Chief as a Puppy in July 2002

Here is Chief a few days after he came home from the shelter. Well, officially I picked him up from the vet where he got the ol' snip snip, as spaying/neutering is a requirement for animals adopted from the shelter. He was about six months old then, and SO precious.

Bat Dog! Chief in August 2002 Chief with a large stick in August 2002 Chief with a jumbo ball in June 2003

He loves to have things in his mouth, usually approved toys, balls, and sticks. And sometimes socks.

Chief sleeps June 2003

Sometimes he does sleep...

Chief at Seaside Beach in August 2003 Chief & Joel playing golfetch in the back yard April 2005

...but usually he's playing. We have awesome video of him in the Pacific.

That's all for now.