Chieftain Licky

Chief as a Puppy in July 2002

Here is Chief a few days after he came home from the Brazos County animal shelter in July 2002. Well, officially I picked him up from the vet where he got the ol’ snip snip, as spaying/neutering is a requirement for animals adopted from the shelter. He was about six months old then, and SO precious.

Bat Dog! Chief in August 2002

Chief with a large stick in August 2002

Chief with a jumbo ball in June 2003

Chief sleeps June 2003

Chief at Seaside Beach in August 2003

Chief & Joel playing golfetch in the back yard April 2005

Even as an old man of a dog, he could still dog park & fetch & jog with the best of his juniors, even if it took him a few days of napping to recover. On August 6, 2012, after a summer of osteosarcoma of the left leg, sweet Chiefy took his last trip to the vet. He died swiftly, with love, his people around him, and dignity. He is missed every single day.