Progression of Hair After Chemotherapy: a Journey From Baldy to ‘Fro

Click on each picture to see a larger version, except the ones that don’t have a larger version.

Shorn Dad and Bald Blake August 2004 Shorn Dad and Bald Blake August 2004

This is my Dad and I in August 2004, smack in the middle of chemo. Dad shaved his head with me in July – what a sweet guy!

Amanda and Blake make pizza August 2004

My sister and I make pizza together. I rock a scarf. I also had hats and three wigs – ask me about them if you like. I may put some pictures up of those.

Blake December 2004

The day I debuted my naked head in December 2004.

Blake blowing you a kiss

Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2005

Blake's Floating Head June 2005

This is me in June 2005, about eight months after the completion of chemo. Did all this really happen? The scars fade and the hair returns – curly! It was just a bump in the road.

Blake October 7, 2005 Blake from the side October 7, 2005

Here I am October 7, 2005. It’s still curly in the back, but it’s straighter in the front.

My first real haircut in a year, October 28, 2005. Let’s see if it continues to grow curly.

Here are we former (and no longer) baldies March 11, 2006. Dad just had his hair cut, and I am committed to growing mine.

Well I got bored and started changing it again. Turns out I kind of like it short. The last of these three is the most current cut (July 2006). Now I think it’s poised to grow long.

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